If you are looking for Green Tea weight loss program, then you are at a right place.

I’m truly serious; a green tea weight loss program saved my life. I will let you know more about this little later as this is not my problem anymore! Despite an active life style,

Green Tea Weight Loss
Green Tea Weight Loss

I was a heavy personality in my home. My weight jumped when I got married. I know it’s because of my unhealthy habits like “drinking more soda and my computer”. I was going from 260 pounds to 290 and eventually ended with the scale of 320. You might be thinking now! Why should I write all these information?


Now I feel much better now with my Green Tea Weight Loss Program which helped me to shrink my waistline. But let me continue my experience.

One day I was making my routine stop at my favorite burger shop, I ordered my usual. But I was served diet coke instead of regular coke by mistake. When I got back to the counter to return the diet coke, the attendant laughed at me. I still remember that terrible feeling.

After few days of search on weight loss programs in internet, I adjusted my eating habits. I gave up on coke and soda and started drinking lot of water. I tried all possible things that I stumbled which I felt that will help me reduce my weight. I was not seeing a drastic improvement. But felt much better.


At one point, a friend of mine suggested me that drinking green tea regularly will help in cutting down extra fat. I say this is what I call it a Green Tea Weight Loss Program. A

life saver.

First let me tell you what Green Tea weight loss Program is. Well, many studies shown that Green Tea weight loss Program burns a lot of calories from fat and it’s a great anti-oxidant. Most of you are aware that many people from Japan and China are lean and slim. You will hardly find obese in those eastern countries. The secret is very simple. They include tea in their daily diet. Over hundred years, it is proven that it can lower your cholesterol levels, reduce your heart problems and helps you maintain good and healthy skin.

In green Tea weight loss Program, you will any Green Tea which is widely accepted as a powerful weight loss supplement. These supplements are for those who would like to lose their weight naturally and in healthily. There are many articles which speaks about Japanese and Chinese who include Green Tea weight loss Program diet in some of their cooking recipes i.e. Sea food and beef which makes even more tastier and healthier food.

How to enjoy your Green Tea weight loss Program?

This is more important to understand. Green Tea Weight Loss Program requires lot of determination and you should practice this as routine. You should make a habit of drinking this tea at the same time every day. Trust me guys. This helps a lot and gets you in rhythm with weight loss activities. But remember, you should cut down your sugar. I know it will taste bad without sugar, but you can use honey to sweeten your tea. If you are looking for a refreshing treat, Green tea can also be brewed hot and poured over ice.

If you are addicted to any soft drinks or alcoholic drinks or even coffee, this kind of tea is more beneficial. And YES! There are many verities in green tea in today’s market i.e. White tea, black tea, Oolong tea as well Green tea.

Okay! It’s time to wrap this up. Again, I thank GOD and my friend who showed this Green Tea Weight Loss program which helped me big time in my life. It won’t happen overnight. I strongly recommend following this Green Tea weight loss diet program if you are looking for cutting down your extra fat.

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