How to make green tea with a gaiwan – Method 1

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If you want to know how to make green tea using a gaiwan you first have to own one ( checkout this link to find out what is a gaiwan). For green tea, the bigger gaiwan are more appropriate as they offer more space to expand, a property so loved by green teas.

This method is better to be used with average to medium green teas.

  • rinse the gaiwan with some water
  • put the leaves on the bottom of the gaiwan
  • Fill 1/3 with cold water
  • Wait 10-20 seconds
  • Fill the rest of the gaiwan with boiling water.
  • Wait 30-45 seconds (or longer, to taste)
  • Pour into a serving vessel and drink
  • Repeat the process until tea keeps taste

If you drink the tea directly from the gaiwan, refill with water when you reach 1/3 of the gaiwan.

This method is more appropriate for medium quality teas, especially flat ones.

  • first you fill the gaiwan with 1/3 hot water
  • then you slowly add the green tea leaves one by one
  • pour the rest of the water
  • wait 30-40 seconds
  • Pour into another vessel and serve
  • For the next infusions you can fully fill with hot water

This is a method that is most appropriate when making high quality chinese green tea.

  • preheat the gaiwan with boiling water
  • put the tea leaves in the gaiwan
  • pour boiling water
  • Put the lid on and wait 15-30 secs
  • Pour into another vesel and server
  • Re-infuse as many times as necessary.

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